Individual custody solutions for crypto currencies

Conception of individual custody solutions with off- or online wallets. We reduce the counterparty risk while maintaining liquidity.

Business problem

The handling of crypto currencies is subject to a higher risk than for example classic securities trading, as these types of transactions cannot be revoked. This principle is guaranteed by the blockchain technology and thus eliminated the counterparty risk. The following applies: If you have the private key, you control all assets of the respective address.

Custody risk

The slogan "Be your own bank" also means that for the management of the his own Keys, which is not an easy problem. There must be appropriate backup solutions and security measures are taken. Furthermore the process is critical for the trade, because the assets are placed in the wallet of a Exchange, which makes them custodians during the trading process. A trustworthy Exchange is therefore essential.


Standard transactions in the could be called "single signature transactions", since transmissions require only a single signature - from the Owner of the private key assigned to the address. The but most networks support much more complex transactions, which can Require multiple signatures before assets are transferred can. These are often referred to as M-of-N transactions. The idea is, that Bitcoins "burdens" by providing addresses of multiple parties what requires the cooperation of these parties in order to achieve something with them. This procedure is intended to provide additional security within an institution. or among stakeholders, because in case of loss of a private key, it is possible that no valid transaction can be generated.

Wallet types

Online Wallet / Externe Wallet

Here, a third party, such as an Exchange, is used for the safekeeping of the private keys. on your behalf. In addition to the counterparty risk, there is also a risk of hacker attacks.

Hot Wallet / Operative Wallet

This type of wallet is used for operational business to guarantee smooth operation. As this system is always online, careful monitoring and security is required.

Cold Storage / Hardware Wallet

With this type, the private keys are not accessible via third-party systems. Here a functional backup solution and effective control over your own employees necessary.

Hardwarewallets we operate on


We create an individual custody solution for you with the different wallet types. For this also includes sensitization of employees and minimization of counterparty risk with continued liquidity.