Agile process improvement of development, safety and teamwork

With DevOps-Security, we improve the speed of development, security, deployment and team collaboration.

Business problem

All as good as new products are increasingly immatrieller kind, whose features are digital and ever more short-lived. The expectations of digital customers and the race for innovation require agile and capable companies. Thus your overriding goal is to develop a process that provides the desired added value quickly, agilely and securely. This process increases delivery rates, quantities and accuracy without compromising quality or increasing costs. Safety is particularly under scrutiny, as deliveries always have to be checked. The number of security gaps has increased by almost 50 percent in recent years. At the same time, 47 percent of those surveyed say that security teams or guidelines represent an insurmountable obstacle to their processes.

"In the past, business success was all about size: the big eat the small. Today it's all about speed: the fast eat the slow.“


With DevOps, the quality of the software, the speed of the development and provision as well as the cooperation of the parties involved teams and the customer. In the world of enterprise software, DevOps provides an instrument for organizational change of isolated, traditionally opposing groups to collaborative teams with shared ownership, a common Goal and collective responsibility. This structure enables companies to better serve their customers. and compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Our Philosophy

complete your tasks quickly

We are aware of the importance of early, fast and frequent releases.

trust, but verify

Developers need a leap of faith for this process.

data-driven process

The collection of data is essential for this process, because decision-making and evaluation require a sound data basis.


There are many ways to increase security for a company. Every company has different structures. Therefore Some safety techniques do not or must be derived from the original. will be. Here, it is important that people are allowed to think differently in order to security organizations, as strike bans often have the opposite effect.

This Venn diagram shows that whenever society is faced with Technology interacts security is needed. When a particular software product, it first becomes a security problem, when people take advantage of it. The diagram shows without the technology circle is the common safety risk to be avoided. If the technology becomes more important to our lives, then we need security in a number of ways. Namely, a well-thought-out security organization which people just as much as technology.

From this perspective we can deduce the human being, next to the technology for effective security.

DevOps Security

In such an environment, classical security approaches are not particularly good due to the rapidly changing functions in the software, because current security analyses are usually point images. Trust in the security systems is required if an agile system is available. All security-relevant and non-safety-relevant data must be accessible to all stakeholders associated with the DevOps security process, as every commit goes directly into production.

When someone checks in a commit that has a negative impact on other functions, all stakeholders take note of it because all the data has been democratized and is available to all. Emergency patches are not necessary because bugs will be fixed in the next commits. For these iterations the developers need a different way of thinking than with traditional methods.

The collection of data is essential for this process, because the decision-making and evaluation of security analyses requires a sound data basis.

Our goal is to automatically integrate security controls into the current cycle that are as transparent as possible and do not require manual configuration. This goal is achieved with automated security controls within DevOps toolchains. Automation also reduces the risk of administrative malpractice, malfunctions, unexpected downtime and successful security attacks. A high degree of automation eliminates the need for manual configuration of a security system, ensuring a high level of agility. All functions of the security platform, such as identity and access management (IAM), firewalling, vulnerability scanning, application security tests - are programmatically exposed. These security controls can be integrated and automated throughout the DevOps lifecycle. Information security sets policies that can then be programmatically applied depending on the type of workload. Many solution providers are lagging behind with the ability to programmatically handle these services and require manual handling.

DevOps security process from an employee perspective


Allow the employees to get involved and create an open culture, because restrective working methods are often ignored. Measurement the functions that the team implements safely and only ever guide you through the verified errors or bugs to the developers.


A security team that disseminates a public way of working Understanding and being accepted. Thus the team is perceived and respected in the company.

Bug Bounty

To intensify external, but also internal, safety testers A bug boundy makes sense to search for security vulnerabilities. This can be externally managed to provide a wide range of security testers to have the system search for mistakes.


If the security of the company is to be increased by blockages, then employees and stakeholders ignore it. Therefore, it is inefficient and unrealistic to in the way that you interact with the developers.

Debt free

Security problems will occur! If you want to know the true causes who wants to understand mistakes, you shouldn't blame anyone. You have to understand what people actually think, to understand the real problem of their behavior.

Safety culture

A large security organization depends more on people than on the underlying technologies, which is why you need capable employees to establish a safety culture. The more diverse a Security team, the more accessible it gets. It is important to have this barrier to allow employees to interact with the security team. So being accessible and visible to everyone is invaluable.

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