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Social Engineering

Social engineering is a process for capturing safety-relevant data using of human components. Depending on the degree of authority of the deceived person, social engineering causes considerable damage. The process of a fraud attempt by Social Engineering is basically always identical: Different methods try to gain the trust of a particular person, so that for example, important data such as login name and passwords can be revealed. Occasionally it may also be a simple interception of the target.
Sensitization of employees

Entertainment for everyone

Learning through fun

Our offer

If you want to protect yourself effectively, you should learn the working methods of the Know hackers and sensitize their employees to this threat. Leading in live hacking our security engineers entertainingly before your eyes, how it is easy to get access to the data of third parties. With a Live hacking, employees will also be introduced to IT security for the digital attacks have so far been only an abstract threat. We offer a high degree of individualization in the selection of to the threats presented. For example, only the critical areas of your company are sensitized.



  • Speer-Phishing-Simulationen
  • Dateiangriffe (PDF, Java, Makro, etc.)
  • SMS- und Portable-Media-Angriffe


  • Interaktive Online- und Offline-Schulungsinhalte
  • Rollen- und Reputationsbasiertes Training

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