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Protect your systems from attackers!

In a penetration test, applications, systems and infrastructures are checked with the methods of an attacker. We simulate a professional hacker attack to identify vulnerabilities and protect your systems from attacks. Our final report includes a business risk analysis, a management summary and a detailed description of the vulnerabilities. Optional certification is available upon request.

Our different types of penetration tests


A web penetration test is a penetration test, which is based exclusively on a web application and not on a network or company. concentrated. The underlying concept and objectives for the detection of Security weaknesses and the strengthening of defence mechanisms are identical.


Our mobile app penetration testers have a background in the area of network and Web penetration testing, a quality necessary for testing mobile apps. Almost each mobile app communicates with a backend service, and these services are vulnerable to the the same types of attacks we know from web apps on desktops.

Critical Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure penetration test checks the security of server systems, VPN systems, WLAN networks and firewalls. As a basis for secure applications the system and the network infrastructure are not neglected.


Selected References

Final Report

We have developed a comprehensive reporting format that provides optimal insight into our work and its results.

  • Web penetration tests are performed and evaluated according to the OWASP Testing Guide.
  • Our detailed reporting format not only provides information about which vulnerabilities were identified during the penetration test, but also which attack vectors were checked. This allows you to understand our work in an optimal way.
  • The final report is created individually and delivered both as a classical PDF document and in a special HTML format. In the dynamic HTML format, content and vulnerability findings can be filtered, sorted and exported to other formats.
  • In a joint final meeting, we will discuss the details of the report with you and, if necessary, support you in eliminating the identified weaknesses.

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