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Progressive IT Security for your Business

Our experienced security experts help you protect your applications and systems and implement progressive security concepts.

Our experienced security experts help you design your applications and systems and implement progressive security concepts.


We offer individual training courses in which we impart expert knowledge about IT security. Our live hacking guarantees employee awareness.


When it comes to the development and implementation of modern and above all secure applications and processes, we are happy to help you with the implementation.

Mission und Vision

The world is changing, more and more business and personal data is being stored. The processing of this information is often inadequately secured, partly because the data it contains the resulting knowledge is often not known. We have set ourselves the goal of bringing the modern world to the to offer a very high standard of security with its progressive and ever-growing technology stacks.

"What if all data were accessible only to its owners?". Any kind of communication and data storage is only available to the owner and responsible stakeholders. Unauthorized third parties would have no reading or manipulation rights.

The protection goals of integrity and confidentiality are achieved with modern cryptography, audits for the data-processing applications and the sensitization of the responsible stakeholders. In our development activities, we are increasingly focusing on modern cutting-edge technologies that offer higher security standards as well as being more user-friendly. For the area the web security finds turingpoints Trinity of web security great approval.

In software development and consulting, we rely on cloud solutions that are easy to manage, scale and develop. Our The assessment is that the trend is towards single-page web applications with serverless Function-as-a-Service (FaaS). Here modern frameworks can be used to manage simple, secure and highly scalable database applications. In this environment end-to-end encryption can also be implemented for B2B platforms, which will be increasingly addressed in the future. Modern blockchain applications can be used to achieve a certain level of trust and confidence, whereby its application can only be used sensibly in a decentralized consortium.

We can only see a short distance into the future, but there we can see a lot of what needs to be done.


Modern companies need modern security concepts and processes

Our boutique consulting with a focus on IT security will gladly help you to protect your applications and systems and to implement progressive security concepts. We also support you in the development and implementation of modern and, above all, secure applications.


Companies that trust our professional competence.